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Sebacceaus glands and skin tags on the penis

In some men, small flat skintags around the base of the glans penis occur. They are called papillae coronae glandis, and are common normal skin changes that require no treatment. If those hyperthrophic papillae are however cosmetically disturbing, they can be removed by leaser treatment. Especially the
Erbium:YAG- and the pulsed scanner-guided CO2-laser are employed in this therapy.

Associated risks are the same as for any other operation, includung infections, wound healing complications and scar formation.

Costs have to be negotiated individually with the treating physician as this therapy belongs in the group of individual cosmetic procedures (IGeL- oder individuelle Gesundheitsleistung).

Also slightly enlarged or hypertrophic sebacceus glands on the foreskin, so-called heterotopic sebacceus glands, are common normal skin changes found on the penis, which might be treated as described above, if the patients wants to have them removed.

Excessive hairfollicles on the shaft of the penis should not be treated by laser, as a deep removal with abrasive lasers is required. This however leads to scarring which is more disturbing than the follicle itself. We therefore do not recommend such treatment.