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Routine procedures

On the day of your operation you should acquaint yourself for the following routine procedures:

1. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled operation.

2. Go to the front desk of the outpatient clinic (Anmeldung) and ask to be handed your chart. Please also bring proof of your health insurance (e.g. chipcard) as well as a valid referal from your dermatologist or general practioner.

3. With your chart, please go to the waiting area of the OR/Laser unit (Wartezimmer OP/Laser) on the ground floor of the Department of Dermatology and have a seat.  No further signing-up is required. One of our OR nurses will attend to you and accompany you into the OR. There, you will be met by the doctor who will perform the procedure.

Typically, there will be no significant waiting time, however, difficult operations sometimes might cause a slight delay in schedule.

After your operation you should rest, take it easy and  prefereably be accompanied on your way home. By no means should you drive yourself.